Happy Clients

Julie Parker CEO & FounderBeautiful You Coaching Academy

"Angela is a talented, focused and incredibly nurturing course writing guide. The mammoth task of writing an entire life coaching course for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy would not have been possible for me without her expert guidance and incredible knowledge of adult learning. She was at once a gentle accountability maven to help me get things done, but also a strong challenging force to ensure the course I was writing was the absolute best it could be.

If you are serious about writing an online or in person course or training that is going to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, then contact Angela today. I know the reason my course is doing so well and filling up consistently is in no small way due to her."

Nicole Rowan HoltFounder of Sistership

"I am a classic multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have incredible business skills and experience however to condense me into an e course felt...well...impossible. In just one session with Angela she came back to me with a full course outline and an action plan.

I had been struggling with this for months, but Angela has been like a shot of inspiration and action.

I am now in the process of planning my 1st course and feel excited rather than paralysed and overwhelmed.

I feel I can start my business! I feel free to start to teach the skills that I have taken for granted. Angela helped put structure around my thoughts and my business offerings. Like a brilliant game of chess - the genius is in the 1st move! She has given me my 1st move and I feel free and excited to be given the formula to unfold the courses that I have always dreamed about creating.

There are 3 specific things I would describe working with Angela:

1. Efficient - wow seriously I was shocked at how fast she came back to me with a plan

2. Authentic - she got my authentic message and wrote it down on paper in a way the I would never have done

3. Actionable strategist - simple and powerful plan that I know that I can and will implement with ease.

Angela was the hand that pulled me out from the fog of technology and business paralysis. I would recommend her to every women that I know who is looking to start her business or to take their existing business to the next level."

Kat Kim Confidence Coach & Image Consultant Kat Kim

"Angela taught me how to organize my program content in a manner so it delivers the most impact while keeping my audience engaged.

She has given me clear, actionable steps on how to execute my next program so that it meets its objective of being powerful, impactful and transformative.

I appreciated the dedication, thought and energy she put into my project. Her actions demonstrated how important she valued my objectives.

Overall, Angela has a great personality, energy, confidence and a great laugh! (The laugh says a lot!)"

Camille Thurnherr Dating Mentor

" Angela has given me the clarity on how to structure my upcoming course. I feel confident knowing I am placing my content in the right order. She’s able to break down a big idea into a tangible concept.

I enjoyed her practical approach and how she created a safe space for me to express all my big creative ideas.

Angela is such a pleasure to work with because she makes the process fun and enjoyable.

She knows her stuff. She gets the ‘big ideas’ and is a master at creating tangible products or courses out of them!"

"After working with Angela I have a much clearer understanding on what I need to do in order to get my program out there in an organized fashion. While I am still in the early stages of creating my program I have a lot more clarity on what I need to do to create each module, having the confidence to move forward with each section without being overwhelmed.

I enjoyed the conversational tone of our session and the organization of how it was all presented.

I also liked how the action plan followed very closely on what we spoke about in our session and how it was all laid out for me, making it easy to implement.

Angela did her research and fundamentally understood what it is that I was trying to achieve. I recommend her, especially for somebody who is just starting out, trying to put together an online program."